Class 2

Welcome to the Spring Term in Class 2

Dear parents and carers,


Happy New Year! I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and a chance to relax between nativities, brussel sprouts and dodging various storms! Thank you again for the kind cards, gifts and season’s greetings I received at the end of term – they were greatly appreciated.

Although this term is slightly shorter than the Autumn, we’re cramming a lot into it in Class 2. Our school theme this Spring is ‘Caring for the people of the world.’ In our class we’ll use this as a spring board to explore a variety of different topics: from the Victorians to inspirational people and finally looking closely at our school charity, Edukid. We will have a particular focus on education and how it differs through the ages and in different parts of the world.

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As part of our learning we have arranged a visit to the old Victorian school rooms in Appledore on January 21st, where the children will get a first-hand experience of what it was like to go to school at the time. You’ll get details of the trip as soon as it is finalised. Our work will hopefully culminate with a celebration of the work of Edukid and some fundraising too.

I hope you were as impressed, as I was, by the fantastic wrapping paper the children created in their art lessons. This half-term, Mrs Hawkins will be leading art again, focusing on textiles and ceramics. Please keep an eye on Seesaw to see what she is creating with children.


In PE this term our focus will be on gymnastics. Thankfully this will not involve me dusting off my leotard, but it will be a chance for us to use some of our school apparatus and equipment. PE will normally be on Mondays, but unless children desperately need their kit at home, I would suggest they leave it in school and I’ll send it home at the end of the half term to wash!

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I will endeavour to keep Seesaw updated with news and pictures that give you an insight into your child’s learning at school. Thank you for your feedback: I’m really pleased that so many of you are enjoying using it.

It was great to see many of you at the parents’ consultations. As always, your support is greatly valued. Please continue to read regularly with your child and have conversations about their work, as this is invaluable to their development. Each week the children are sent home with a Homework Planner, which contains instructions for the week’s homework. Please check and sign it when completed.

If you have any spare time and want to come in and help in school or with readers – then we’d be absolutely delighted to see you! Please contact the office or see me for more information.

I thoroughly enjoy being part of Class 2 and it is my aim that your child feels the same way. If, for whatever reason, they are not feeling happy about an issue at school, please come and see me. I would be happy to listen to your concerns and endeavour to find a solution. However, please encourage your child to come and talk to Mrs Laska, Mrs Garrett, Mrs McHardy or myself if they are worried about anything – we’re always happy to listen and it’s easier to resolve any issues at the time.

Thank you for your continued support, I really appreciate it.

Best wishes,

Ben Kent


Other useful information…


PE is usually on Mondays, but please send in children with PE kit every day as the changeable weather means that we have to do it when we can!


If at all possible, please do not send your child in to school with a large backpack as space is limited in the cloakroom area!

Please try to ensure your child carries out the activities on the Homework Planner each week.

If you have any small queries then please feel free to get hold of me via Seesaw. I can’t promise to get back to you straight away, but I will try and do so ASAP. If it’s more serious, or you’d rather talk face to face, please remember my door is always open – I’m happy to arrange a time to catch up and talk that suits you.

We’re continuing to look at multiplication and division this half term and this website is a really good, fun way of trying to remember multiplication and division facts:-