Curriculum Statement

Our curriculum is what characterises life at St. Helen’s. The curriculum is everything that the children experience in and around school both planned and incidental – ‘taught and caught’.

Our curriculum is driven by our vision:



We believe in empowering learners by developing ‘courageous advocacy’ across the curriculum. We aim for children to develop character virtues such as wisdom, courage and compassion so they become aware and responsible people who aspire to serve and use their learning to make a positive difference in the world as exemplified in 1 Peter 4:10
‘Each of you should use whatever gifts you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.’


Our school aims to:


  • Provide a caring, safe environment for all of our children and staff;
  • Promote the development of the whole child;
  • Offer a broad, balanced curriculum;
  • Offer a high standard of education for every child;
  • Promote Christian values and an awareness and understanding of other religions and world views;
  • Encourage parents/carers to engage positively with their child’s education;
  • Provide a quality learning environment that promotes high standards;
  • Promote positive links with the community – local, national and global.


At St. Helen’s our curriculum is underpinned by our Christian values and a focus on:


  • Developing effective learning behaviours such as resilience, resourcefulness, reflectiveness, reciprocity and risk;
  • Developing a ‘growth mindset’ – the belief that we can improve through hard work, the use of effective strategies and help from others;
  • Developing the knowledge, skills and vocabulary to be able to understand and articulate the learning process;
  • Enquiry-led learning – providing opportunities for children to explore ‘BIG questions’ within key themes;
  • Current local, national and global issues, ensuring that children’s learning is relevant and meaningful;
  • Developing in children a sense of agency and a desire to become courageous advocates, using their learning to make a positive difference within their own lives and relationships, the community and in the wider world;
  • Creative uses of technology, ensuring that children use technology safely and purposefully;
  • Consolidating core skills in English and Maths, ensuring that all children have the skills necessary to achieve across the curriculum.


Learning Guarantee

All children at St. Helen’s are entitled to high quality curriculum provision and will enjoy:

  • Discrete English and Maths teaching and learning, as outlined in the National Curriculum;
  • Quality first teaching and learning as a whole-class, in groups, working collaboratively and independently;
  • A learning environment that stimulates, supports and celebrates children’s learning;
  • Collective worship, the themes of which are interwoven into our taught curriculum;
  • Opportunities to recognise celebrate achievements;
  • Opportunities to reflect on learning;
  • Thematic, enquiry based learning;
  • Creative outcomes.


The National Curriculum

The National Curriculum divides the curriculum of every school into two distinct parts; the School Curriculum and the National Curriculum. The document states that

“The school curriculum comprises all learning and other experiences that each school plans for its pupils. The national curriculum forms one part of the school curriculum.” (National Curriculum 2.2) 

Below is the overview of the National Curriculum subjects taught throughout the school. However, these are taught within the framework of St. Helen’s Curriculum (or the School Curriculum),  details of which can be found on the St. Helen’s Curriculum webpage (coming soon).

Core subjects (English, Maths and Science) are presented in a year-by-year format whilst all other subjects, are presented in two-year sections dividing KS2 into Lower and Upper Key Stages in line with the format of the National Curriculum document. In terms of content History is outlined chronologically for ease of reference but it should be borne in mind that the school may take topics from any year group as it is only statutorily required to cover the content by the end of the key stage.

As the St. Helen’s Curriculum is the primary driver for curricular planning the National Curriculum will be embedded uniquely within each individual project which each teacher can explain further if required.


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